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Trikki was born to be a different gastronomy … a southern cuisine … to be the New Orleans gastronomy reference in Madrid. Learn more about our history.



Located at Calle Santa Engracia 109, in the Chamberí neighborhood in Madrid; Trikki exists to bring y´all a variaty of dishes and an authentic walk through the New Orleans cuisine. The Big Easy. A dream that was born four years ago, with the purpose our guests a different proposal at their tables,but at the same time honoring the cajun and creole cuisine day after day. Now, where does all the espectacular madness that we call Trikki come from?.

Yuliet McQuitty (Our Princess Of Nola) and Rod Rodríguez (Soul Chef), wanted to have a different project, that did not envolved fine dinning and unlimited creativity but rather it be 100% homemade, fresh and flavorful.  And what better than the cuisine where  Yuliet is from … the city of New Orleans. And that was how we created Trikki, with family recipes and many others  brought from those streets and places Our Princess would visit with her family or pass by every day from school or even as an adult when she returned home from work. Special and traditional corners, in unsual and unknown streets for those not so local, those special places we all have.

Trikki was born and exists precisely for this, to be a homemade gastronomy … to be a southern cuisine … to be New Orleans in Madrid.





To those who have already had the luck to visit New Orleans and those who have not, we want you to know the one of the greatest characteristics of this city it´s the HUGE SOUL that it has. Explaining it in words, its very difficult, but it is the truth. When you walk through Bourbon St. or Frenchmen St., you breathe and feel the soul of NOLA; music in every corner, people who love their city beyond measures, and it´s cuisine feel like you can almost embrace it.

Hugh restaurants or small spaces with no more of ten customers can dine (for us they are the best). Streets shaded with the branches of OAK trees, that give inexplicable sensations, invading aromas and delightful flavors. Magazine Street, Pontchartrain Lake as gigantic as its seafood flavors, oyster barbecues on the streets, Tchoupitoulas Street, so many places, so many stories, lived and read. Stories from the soul, this is New Orleans the place where the SOUL FOOD.is born



Choose the day, the hour, with how many people you want to travel to New Orleans and click to start your tour through our “The Big Easy” cuisine, which awaits you in Trikki.




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